On May 27, 1960, Shirley Coble started writing.  At this point, she is 34 years old, a housewife, mother of three young girls, and a seamstress.

She starts a journal.  It’s nothing fancy, just something to keep track of her experiences at the family cabin.  These visits primarily occur around weekends, summers, and holidays.  Some entrees are several lines; some are several pages.

The journal she starts at 34 years old gradually becomes two journals… then three… as of today she’s nearing the end of her fifth journal.  It may not sound like much, but the pages go on to document the lives of her family members.  The children she describes in the initial pages become adults, then parents, then grandparents.  And, her children, grandchildren, and even her great-grandchildren eventually start contributing to the journals, too.

There are rules:

     1 – The journals must remain at the family cabin.

     2 – If you visit the family cabin, you must write an entree, even if it’s just a couple words.

Shirley Coble is my grandmother, though we all refer to her as, “Nanny”.  Born March 27, 1927, she has always been persistent.  She keeps going, and striving, and pushing boundaries no matter what.  Her writing is just one example.  Although in various times, my nanny has been an ice skater, a scuba diver, and even a pilot, the purpose of this blog is merely to archive some of her experiences at our old family cabin.