Record Book #1, Page 01

May 1960 – Oliver and I drove up in the truck with a load of 2 by 8 lumber Sunday morning. Mom and dad took care of the kids. Mother and daddy were here and we left for home the same evening.

Memorial week-end 1960 – Came up for 4 days. It rained. The first day Oliver dug footing. Went pretty deep and hit a lot of water. Grade off 2 feet and had a lot of leveling to do.

Second day ordered cement and leveled ground. Poured fasting. Ordered blocks and sand. Mosquitos bad, weather wet. The kids helped sift gravel for sand and carried water.

Sunday – started laying blocks, till raining, used little water in mortar. Joe helped Oliver get same used blocks to build up back footing as it was low. Leveled inside of footing.

Monday Memorial Day – Finished laying blocks. Still raining. All tired out but happy to get done. Driving home.

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